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Zoraki M906 9mm PAK Blank Gun Review

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November 28th, 2011 – Zoraki M906 9mm PAK Blank Gun Review. -Zoraki M906 -9mm PAK Ammunition -6 Round Magazine -Semi Auto -Front Firing -Purchased from This is a table top review of the Zoraki M906 PAK semi auto blank gun or sometimes called a starter pistol. I show off this very compact blank gun which comes in a nice hard shell case with included 6 round magazine, cleaning rod, and flair adaptor. I bring the Zoraki Mod.914, MOD 925 and R1 in as comparisons and show the substantial size differences between all the Zoraki models. I also do some super slow-mo video showing off the slide being released and a round being chambered at 1000 frames per second. The Zoraki M906 is very well designed and made, it takes on many characteristics of other modern pistols such as utilizing polymer and metal components to their full advantage. To buy this gun from the Replica Airguns Store Check out the full review on my website at:

26 Responses to “Zoraki M906 9mm PAK Blank Gun Review”

  1. switchingtomac Says:

    @dgiss902 They are both very well made. The M906 is more modern and smaller with a polymer frame but very heavy slide. The M914 is all metal with a double stack magazine and holds more ammo but is larger.

  2. switchingtomac Says:

    @dgiss902 I like them both but would probably go for the all black just to keep it simple.

  3. dgiss902 Says:

    @switchingtomac thanks man, your very helpful.. but what one would you buy out of the two?

  4. switchingtomac Says:

    @dgiss902 I bought them both ;)

  5. dgiss902 Says:

    @switchingtomac lol unfortunately i dont have the money right now to buy both, i can only buy one.. and you kinda changed my opinion so now im leaning towards the m906.. do you think thats the right choice?

  6. switchingtomac Says:

    @dgiss902 Sure, nice small good quality blank shooter.

  7. dgiss902 Says:

    can you do a review on the m914?

  8. switchingtomac Says:

    @dgiss902 I did, I made a table top review of it shooting and of it being reviewed side by side with anther PPK styled blanks gun.

  9. dgiss902 Says:

    @switchingtomac oh shit lol i found it.. cant believe it was there the whole time, i looked all over to ty to find one but the only other reviews are either in a foreign language or they show the gun and dont talk..

  10. switchingtomac Says:

    @dgiss902 Glad you found it finally!

  11. WhoIsLusso Says:

    so they use these with rubber bullets …i thought they could not fire anything

  12. switchingtomac Says:

    @WhoIsLusso The rubber bullet versions are not exactly the same, they may be using different material in the barrels and slides for the added back pressure of a rubber bullet?

  13. xxxxvalentinxxxx Says:

    @WhoIsLusso check out my review of the stalker m906 ..its the same gun but with a different barrel

  14. VancouverRaver Says:

    Since my M914 has now been classified as a prohibited weapon, I’d like to buy a M906. Do you have any in stock or know where I can purchase one?

  15. switchingtomac Says:

    @VancouverRaver Yes we have them available in our online store:


  16. jeanlesge Says:

    ship to canada??

  17. switchingtomac Says:

    @jeanlesge Yes, ship from and to Canada.

  18. russotragik Says:

    so, if used to shoot wooden balls covered by rubber, this can be a nice non-lethal weapon!
    and so much cheaper than the others options from Austria, that the name we can’t say, or the devil will pull our leg at night =P

  19. switchingtomac Says:

    @russotragik In Canada we can only shoot blanks in it and only blank rounds are available.

  20. russotragik Says:

    @switchingtomac so in Canada you can’t import non-lethal ammo?
    here in Brazil we have the CBC that produces this kinda of ammo…
    it’s called “Bala de Borracha”, search wikip├ędia for it…
    the most common of rubber bullet is for 12 gauge shotgun, but they also make .40S&W and .380(9mm short) rubber bullets…

  21. switchingtomac Says:

    @russotragik Rubber bullets travel too fast and have too much energy so they fall into the same category as a regular gun.

  22. russotragik Says:

    @switchingtomac in true, they are loaded with the half or less of smokeless powder, and the correct use is to shoot legs, torso and arms, not the head or neck…
    they hurt, but don’t kill, and stops completelly the aggressor, sometimes, better than a copper or lead bullet(in case of the aggressor be unarmed)…

  23. switchingtomac Says:

    @russotragik It would be nice to be able to own a rubber bullet shooting gun for at least at home self defence so if you had to stop an intruder you could do so without the use of lethal force.

  24. RawkaBrazi Says:

    ship to california?

  25. switchingtomac Says:

    @RawkaBrazi We ship to the US, only a few left of these ones…

  26. Dave Says:

    What modle holster dose it fit for m906

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