www.ReplicaAirguns.com – Zoraki M906 9mm PAK Blank Gun Review. -Zoraki M906 -9mm PAK Ammunition -6 Round Magazine -Semi Auto -Front Firing -Purchased from www.VinzerSprots.com This is a table top review of the Zoraki M906 PAK semi auto blank gun or sometimes called a starter pistol. I show off this very compact blank gun which comes in a nice hard shell case with included 6 round magazine, cleaning rod, and flair adaptor. I bring the Zoraki Mod.914, MOD 925 and R1 in as comparisons and show the substantial size differences between all the Zoraki models. I also do some super slow-mo video showing off the slide being released and a round being chambered at 1000 frames per second. The Zoraki M906 is very well designed and made, it takes on many characteristics of other modern pistols such as utilizing polymer and metal components to their full advantage. To buy this gun from the Replica Airguns Store www.replicaairguns.com Check out the full review on my website at: www.replicaairguns.com