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Zoraki 925 9mm PAK Blank Gun Shooting Review

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September 29th, 2011 – Zoraki 925 9mm PAK Blank Gun Shooting Review. -Zoraki Mod.925 Deluxe -9mm PAK Ammunition -16 Round Magazine -Semi & Full Auto Modes -Front Firing -Purchased from -Now Considered Prohibited in Canada and no longer in my possession This is a shooting review of the Zoraki Mod.925 PAK semi and full auto 9MM PAK blank pistol. I demonstrate the Zoraki 925 shooting a couple rounds in semi auto and then I switch it over to full auto and shoot the last 10 rounds in full auto mode. This was the first time shooting this gun and it performed perfectly! Check out the full review on my website at:

25 Responses to “Zoraki 925 9mm PAK Blank Gun Shooting Review”

  1. derbaroper Says:

    @switchingtomac thanks for that quick response!

  2. yomammalockin Says:

    they sound so quiet wen u do it

  3. switchingtomac Says:

    @yomammalockin It’s not quite, just the camera Microphone compressing the audio.

  4. 177or22 Says:

    @switchingtomac Could they be coming back?

  5. switchingtomac Says:

    @177or22 Maybe if Zoraki (ATK Arms) changes the frame slightly to comply with our Canadian laws

  6. SnipezTB Says:

    can u put real bullits i this gun ?

  7. switchingtomac Says:

    @SnipezTB No you can not.

  8. julian5614life Says:

    dose it shot bullets

  9. julianvalencia7 Says:

    @julian5614life no thats why it says blank

  10. ThMoFoJoe Says:

    Wait so this is like what they use in movies ?

  11. switchingtomac Says:

    @ThMoFoJoe Very similar.

  12. cloudycolacorp Says:

    is that a glock magazine?

  13. switchingtomac Says:

    @cloudycolacorp Looks similar, double stack style, actual 9mm bullets will not fit as the magazine is too short.

  14. xxcollisionsxx Says:

    what’s the gun use?
    and what’s the ammo?

  15. switchingtomac Says:

    @xxcollisionsxx This is a blank gun, uses ammunition similar to a real gun without the dangerous bullet on the front of it.

  16. xxxxvalentinxxxx Says:

    The reason why it smokes so much is because you left oil in the bullet chamber ..after oiling the ejector and the bullet chamber you should wipe it off with a cotton bud ..or something.

  17. KeithWasHere1 Says:

    how much does this one run? i like it alot!

  18. KeithWasHere1 Says:

    even though its a blank firing gun..that little fucker looks FUN!!

  19. switchingtomac Says:

    @KeithWasHere1 It was around $180 in Canada but now it has been reclassified as a Prohibited Firearm so it is hard to get and own without the right license.

  20. switchingtomac Says:

    Respond to this video… Yes it was.

  21. KeithWasHere1 Says:

    DARN DARN DARN.that company i contacted in Bulgaria about the Blow Touareg mp5k 9mm blank…this is what they said:
    Dear Sir,
    Sorry but we do not make shipment to abroad.
    Best Regards!

    THAT SUCKS!!! I even tried eeeeebbbaaaayy bulgaria and nothing!

  22. switchingtomac Says:

    @KeithWasHere1 That’s the way it goes sometimes!

  23. TheNeonSkittlezz Says:

    is the gun loud ? or is it safe to fire in a house without hearing protection! that didnt seem loud! thanks man! good video’s!!!

  24. switchingtomac Says:

    @TheNeonSkittlezz Very loud, you will need hearing protection – the camera mic compresses the sound and makes it seem quite when it is not.

  25. TheNeonSkittlezz Says:

    @switchingtomac Damn! i was thinking of ordering one.. for making video’s n stuff.. but if its to loud :/ OH! and btw those are now prohbited, that model and the 14 because theres NOTHING showing that they are blank, they look the EXCAT same as the real ones.. so don’t be seen with it :) and i checked out the site.. and they are all sold out :/ my cousin told me where to get one im going on the weekend

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