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Tristar T-120 9mm Pistol

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March 24th, 2013

Tri-Star 9mm Pistol review.

6 Responses to “Tristar T-120 9mm Pistol”

  1. Porfirio Gonzales Says:

    does tri-star use a propitiatory magazine

  2. n8elq Says:

    I have no other 9mm that are double stacked so I cant tell you. Not much on the gun on here and the dealer never heard of it when I picked it up. But If I find out it fits some other 9mm ill let you know, ill be heading to the gun shop next weekend and if I find out, ill let you know

  3. n8elq Says:

    I know I dont have a lot up here, but id appreciate it if you would subscribe to my channel

  4. Porfirio Gonzales Says:

    Cz 75/85 mag work for it

  5. KKSH2 Says:

    The sights on the Tristars actually glow in the dark when you shine a light on them.

  6. John stanley Says:

    You can order extra mags from Tri-Star, here in the USA, in the Kansas City area, for about what you’d expect for a normal factory mag. Holsters made for an old CZ might not work with the tactical rail you see on the lower receiver in this video. If it’s nearly as good as a real CZ, it will do just fine. The CZ75 has been used by foreign cops & military a LOT. I even knew a senior deputy with a high-population Texas county who carried one, cocked & locked, and he could’ve carried anything.

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