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TISAS Turkish 9mm Pistol – Part 1

Posted in 9mm Pistol  by admin
May 5th, 2012

Part 1 of 2 review on the Turkish FS-9 semi-auto 9x19mm pistol.

16 Responses to “TISAS Turkish 9mm Pistol – Part 1”

  1. mummifiedcheese Says:

    That is a fine looking gun!

  2. mercado391 Says:

    Nice pistol i like the all ss model 21 rds of 9mm sweet.

  3. dudley2112 Says:

    about 99 percent sure there are ten rounders because marstar brought these into canada and we have 10 round limits too

  4. EvilMattlock Says:

    1:46, American Tartical. LOL.


    looks plastic .

  6. TheNutzonurchin Says:

    Why can’t a mag be modified to only hold 10 rounds? That would then make it legal as long as the mod was something permanent.

  7. Thatevilmidget Says:

    Hmmm… it looks interesting, but the scarcity of the model somewhat concerns me, because finding replacement parts will be a challenge if it decides to stop working on you.

  8. samkeets Says:

    very nice pistols.

  9. erkwit Says:

    It’s a CZ 75 copy, right?

  10. BrokenGlytch Says:

    I purchased the TISAS 1911A1 in .45acp earlier this year. Mine has a few issues that I’m still working out, but largely the reviews are all superb considering the price difference between it and say, a Kimber. My extraction claw was sheared off and the weapon doesn’t unlock properly to eject the case and chamber the next round or the spring is far too strong, so it’s going in for warranty service soon. Otherwise, quality feel…think I just got an odd dud. Also marketed by Davidsons and Umarex.

  11. The1CamBo Says:

    you can’t do any damage without one.

  12. Evilliboba Says:

    It would also have to have a CA DOJ approval before it is sold here. Basically the manufacturer has to pay the DOJ a very large fee, for them to “approve” it as a safe pistol.

  13. Twirlyhead Says:

    Not legal in some states of the USA. It’s certainly not legal in the UK where I live – the police will shoot you for carrying a nerf gun over here. I’m not really complaining as I believe that there is an undeniable direct link between levels of gun ownership and numbers of gun deaths but it would be nice if responsible citizens could own these things under tightly controlled conditions – I confess to being a little envious.

  14. SonnyJWright Says:

    Wow a 20 round magazine lucky South Dakota allows high cap mags

  15. johniac7078 Says:

    kinda reminds me of a beretta/CZ hybrid. nice. 

  16. MaineShag55 Says:

    American Tactical IS

    the importer, who…

    incidentally is located

    in Upstate New York.

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