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October 1st, 2011

Jeff Quinn ( tests Ruger’s New LC9 Compact 9mm Pocket Pistol. For more info, go to http

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  1. Gunblastdotcom Says:

    I do not. Nothing really wrong with Santa, I guess, except that in the minds of many, Christmas is about Santa, instead of Christ. Santa represents a spirit of “getting”, instead of a spirit of hope and salvation. To me, Christmas is a very solemn Holiday. When all of the rush and hurry is over with, I like to go sit on the porch, by myself, and think on the real things of Christmas, instead of all the worldy crap that has become Christmas in the USA.


  2. ibbrooks57 Says:

    Thanks Jeff I really enjoy your video’s.

  3. NTDCS Says:

    Man, you are a pretty wicked shot, Jeff. Thanks for yet another really good review. I’ve bought several guns based on your reviews.

  4. 19Kettle93 Says:

    @agj9 Don’t forget Nutnfancy and FPSRussian!

  5. yahtzee4u Says:

    @BurnedBridge That just had me cracking up. Well said. Thanks for the vid Jeff.

  6. waseem1173 Says:

    @Gunblastdotcom very well said

  7. rmcgov00leeuedu Says:

    God bless brother

  8. brown55061 Says:

    Still satisfied with the LC9 Jeff? I’m still leaning towards this for a compact pocket carry. It’s just a nice sized pistol and Ruger seems to make solid products, at least a little higher quality than the KelTecs.

  9. Gunblastdotcom Says:

    Love it.


  10. tedsgunplay Says:

    Jeff I believe like you as far as God. You have a real talent of reviewing guns. I respect your opion so much. I’m also country born and raised. I can’t wait to get the new Ruger LC 9

  11. ecosby100 Says:

    @brown55061 just get a glock i have the lc 9 and glack and the glock a lot better triger better built just get the clip extender and a larger clip and u will be ready to roll yes will cost a little more but be alot better

  12. Hashplant47 Says:

    Nice grouping!

  13. aldaman8 Says:

    @Gunblastdotcom amen dude! im happy people like you are around woth guns. God bless..

  14. MrBigden37 Says:

    Jeff is it snappy with +p?

  15. Gunblastdotcom Says:

    Not at all.


  16. paikmendez Says:

    JQ never actually shows us a vid of hiim shooting off hand…he always shoots lefty but why would he even shoot off hand in the first place…??maybe to show us that even with his off hand he could out shoot us any day of the week??:)

  17. Gunblastdotcom Says:

    Sometimes I shoot right-handed for the videos in order to better show the operation of the weapon. In “real-world” shooting, I always shoot left-handed.

  18. amaro321 Says:

    wow thats accurate

  19. blenderface Says:

    Your beard is absolutely awesome.

  20. splitcoiler Says:

    great vid as always…but were did you get that flag. boy i would love one of those :}

  21. Gunblastdotcom Says:

    It is available from Seven Brothers Mercantile (sevenbros-dot-com) for only $4.99. Measures 3×5 feet with 2 grommets. Search for “M4 Come and Take It Flag”, item number fsh-m4. We have no financial interest, it’s just a cool flag that everyone should own.

  22. splitcoiler Says:

    Thanks for you reply about the flag and also your vids. They helped my wife and I make a decision on recent purchases. Much appreciated!

  23. apologeticsman Says:

    I want the “Come and Take It” flag.

  24. PorMansGold Says:

    I value your opinion Highly Jeff. The LC9 is a great gun. Bought one for the girlfriend for CCW. We shot 150 flawless rounds today. It’s easier than my lcp to shoot. My Sr9 is smoother, but the LC9 gives you the best of both worlds in size and comfort. I’d highly recommend this weapon, especially.for Women. I’d note that the LC9 is very tight from the factory. It will probably take around 300 -400 rounds to break it in. Once again , thank you Jeff Quinn and Sturm Ruger.

  25. oeyesea Says:

    I’m very impressed with your shooting. 15yds offhand, excellent shooting.

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