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EKOL ASI UZI 9mm PAK Blank Machine Gun Review

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August 17th, 2011 – EKOL ASI UZI 9mm PAK Blank Machine Gun Review. -EKOL ASI UZI -9mm PAK Ammunition -15 Round Magazines -Semi/Full Auto SA -Front Firing -Purchased from This is a table top review of the EKOL ASi UZI front firing blank machine gun. I show off this well made blank gun and go over its features and show you around the blank gun. I Compare it to another UZI replica gun I have and explain the foundation of this blank gun and how it has an EKOL Jackal Dual at its core. The EKOL ASI is a well made front firing blank machine gun capable of firing in semi and full auto with the flip of a switch. To buy this gun from the Replica Airguns Store: Check out the written Article for this Blank gun on my website at:

25 Responses to “EKOL ASI UZI 9mm PAK Blank Machine Gun Review”

  1. switchingtomac Says:

    @CONN3232 It’s a killer deal!

  2. CONN3232 Says:

    @switchingtomac it is! how long is this deal available? cause im in the midst of moving.

  3. switchingtomac Says:

    @CONN3232 I can’t say for sure, when my warehouse tells me the inventory is low it will be over… You can always have it shipped to somebody you know’s house.

  4. ninja6kid Says:

    is it illegal to build a gun around a legal blank gun? like If i take my asi appart and build an all steel replica of an smg around it, is that legal?

  5. switchingtomac Says:

    @ninja6kid It’s a fine line, many legal blank guns already look very similar to makes and models that exist, they just can’t be exact but if it is similar I think you will be OK.

  6. CONN3232 Says:

    @switchingtomac it isnt really a matter of where i will get it, its a matter of funding :(

  7. switchingtomac Says:

    @CONN3232 I C

  8. Jslash146 Says:

    do u need a license 4 a blank gun ?

  9. switchingtomac Says:

    @Jslash146 Not in Canada or US

  10. stav62 Says:

    can it kil?

  11. stav62 Says:

    how many times does is shoot harder than cp99 compact?thx

  12. stav62 Says:

    what is the difference betwenn a pellet gun and a blank gun?

  13. Reviews4yourliking Says:

    pellet gun shoots pellets and a blank gun doesnt shoot anything out it just makes sounds of a real gun

  14. switchingtomac Says:

    @stav62 You can kill a person with nail clipper if you have enough time… It is a bank gun and blank guns have killed people when misused.

  15. switchingtomac Says:

    @stav62 This is a Blank gun not an airgun – very different.

  16. switchingtomac Says:

    @stav62 Blank guns shoot ammunition without the bullet in the front so they have gun powder in a brass shell just like a real gun and Pellet guns generally use air to shoot a led pellet.

  17. rmallat12 Says:

    dose it have reacoil?

  18. switchingtomac Says:

    @rmallat12 Yes there is some.

  19. djgoziggaga Says:

    i think its more an mp7 than a uzi !

  20. weWILLskate Says:

    Can you put real bullets in here instead of blanks or…?

  21. switchingtomac Says:

    @weWILLskate No.

  22. weWILLskate Says:

    @switchingtomac how does this work? Is the blank shorter in length so a real bullet won’t chamber? Sorry for having no clue about this stuff

  23. switchingtomac Says:

    @weWILLskate They are made different dimensions on purpose for safety reasons.

  24. SuperLonerunner Says:


  25. switchingtomac Says:

    @SuperLonerunner OK

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