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CF98 9mm pistol

Posted in 9mm Pistol  by admin
May 25th, 2011

CF98 9mm piatol spring field by adnan

19 Responses to “CF98 9mm pistol”

  1. authentictony Says:

    Have you shot it? How does it feel?

  2. adnan9909 Says:

    its da best eva i used
    trust me

  3. salmanlohan Says:

    one of the best pistol ever made…very light n pefrect shoot i have been using this from almost last 3 years

  4. adnan9909 Says:

    hhmm well iam usin it from last year but unfortunately i hav fired 8 rounds on it till now…hay is yours china made and where do u hav it (location) and how much did u paid for it …

  5. salmanlohan Says:

    well i have shot almost more than 400 Rounds …am from pakistan karachi…i paid 35,000 for this shit …but the prices has gone high now its for 45,000 i guess

  6. adnan9909 Says:

    well i bought it on 47000 like an year before and i think now it is around 55000

  7. nkniazi Says:

    its an amazing piece
    highly accurate
    iv been using it for almost 4 years.
    u get the precision of a bretta in a very cheap price and ul find it pretty reliable too

  8. sajjadtourus Says:

    in pakistan it cost’s 35k

  9. drugtraffic Says:

    not bad cant beat stoeger 9mm ,,,

  10. adnan9909 Says:

    every one has his own choice….

  11. drugtraffic Says:

    thats true mate !!! cf 98 is a nice handgun I didnt meant to hurt ya feelings mate !! I had CF 98 than I got Stoeger now I have PT 92 AFS by taurus check that out got it for 70 k

  12. SMD169 Says:

    great arming the rag heads to kill more americans lol :P jk

  13. Mrshahzaibsara Says:

    i bought it for 58,000 .

  14. ayanalikhan1 Says:

    yar ye kitnay ki hai?

  15. sameerhamna009 Says:

    @ayanalikhan1 barrita is better then this May nay 53,000 ke le hay factory packed from germany. i bought it from islamabad

  16. elderin32 Says:

    I have this cf98 9mm pistol, but, would you please tell me the truth. My weapon is united, between the fourth and fifth shot. yours also. some one help me. What can I do

  17. khanoflondon1 Says:

    its 26 thousand in peshawar brand new

  18. shoaibqureshi17 Says:

    CF 98 is right now as of 16th November 2010, 36000 in karachi. The new stock coming in is expensive . . prices has gone up . .

  19. Movies Says:

    Can anyone tell the latest price of CF98. I have read many reviews about this gun and found it is best reliable gun for someone having a calculated budget.

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